Teaching Since 1878

In 1878 St. Mark’s congregation purchased six city lots and a ½-acre near the church. One of the buildings on these lots was remodeled for a school. Since the attendance of the school steadily increased, more room was needed to accommodate this growth. In 1885 the decision was made to build a new school building on one of the lots recently purchased. The new 22’ x 36’ building was completed November 3, 1885. School enrollment continued to grow and more school room was needed. To this end, an addition was built onto the present building in September 1906.

German was taught in some subjects in the school. Consequently, during World War I St. Mark’s was the target of harassment so it decided to close the school for one year in 1918. The school was reopened in 1919. The growth of membership in the congregation prevailed also in the school, so much that the present facilities were overcrowded. A building committee was appointed and the first cornerstone was laid July 1, 1928, for the new St. Mark’s Lutheran School. The new school had three stories and contained an auditorium on the top floor, plus three classrooms, a room for the Ladies Aid, and a full basement. In 1959 the school was remodeled by dividing the auditorium into 3 rooms. The additions and changes were completed in 1960.


School Year Theme

Jesus Anchor